Este Castle, Ferrara: L’arte per l’arte. From Previati to Mentessi, from Boldini to De Pisis

Ferrara, Castello Estense
June 15th, 2016 – December 27th, 2017

Ferrara’s Castello Estense is showing a gallery of masterpieces, selected from the collections of the Modern and Contemporary Art Museum of Palazzo Massari. Elegant portraits of the stars of the Belle Époque in sumptuously decorated renaissance halls, secret chambers that contain thrilling landscapes and still lives.

Boldini 1

The city’s symbol will thus act as a setting for the works of great artists, native of Ferrara, who are among the most prominent figures on the international stage between the nineteenth and twentieth century. Ferrara holds the largest collections of Boldini’s and De Pisis’s works, treasures that were stored for safekeeping following the 2012 earthquake, and are accessible to the public once again thanks to the installation in the castle halls with the reopening of the Palazzo Massari Museum. In the gorgeous apartments on the main floor is present the story of Boldini’s entire career, through a broad range of paintings and works on paper. We move from his earliest attempts made in Florence alongside the Macchiaioli group, portraits that have the immediacy of pages from a diary, and then to his brilliant creations evoking the atmosphere of modern life in Impressionist Paris, up to the icons of Boldini’s art, portraits of noblewomen like the Countess De Leusse and Rita Lydig, completed when Boldini had already established himself as the uncontested portraitist of the Belle Époque.

De Pisis

In the renowned Chambers of Alfonso I, newly opened for this occasion, is showcasing the collection of De Pisis, another young artist from Ferrara active on the Parisian scene. The collection reflects an intense portrait of De Pisis’ artistic personality, moving from his early works, rich with remembrances, dreams and hopes, through to the eve of his move to Paris, and then focuses on his mature creations, once he had absorbed the influence of De Chirico and metaphysical art, forming a completely unique visual language, the pictorial transcription of the excitement he felt in the city of light. The cycle concludes with works from his final phase, where the poetry of images is stripped down to the essential.

OPENING HOURS: 9.30 am – 5.30 pm. Close on Monday.

Ticket: 8,00 €
Reduced: 6,00 € (under 18; over 65)