Thermal5Colours®, Colours of wellness

Thermal5Colours® are the new 5 coloured clay compounds of the Euganean Spas dedicated to wellness and beauty: the Hotel Garden Terme offers many treatments based on these new products, each one with a specific application.
Inspired by the colour therapy and aromatherapy, Thermal5Colours® make spa beauty treatment a ritual of sensory pleasure and proven effectiveness.
The coloured clays of Thermal5Colours® help to provide an opportunity for well-being which enriches the Hotel Garden Terme’s Spa offer, combining health and beauty, medicine and aesthetics, and creating a perfect blend of feeling good with feeling beautiful.

Detoxifying, firming, toning, soothing and anti-aging qualities to prevent and combat the signs of aging: these are the properties of Thermal5Colours®. These products are designed for both ladies and gentlemen, young people and best agers, to guarantee the health and beauty for all types of skin, making it smooth and shining, and giving it a healthy glow. Discover the wide range of wellness and beauty opportunities in our Hotel, and choose with confidence the best proposals for a relaxing holiday, getting the greatest value out of the time you dedicate to yourself!


The old tradition of Euganean Thermal Basin Spas and the most advanced scientific research of AbanoSPA® gave birth to Thermal5Colours®, Spa Cosmetic Line. Years of scientific research of the Centro Studi Termali “Pietro d’Abano”, in collaboration with the Universities of Padua and Bologna, and cosmetic laboratory Claire Spa, created this innovative cosmetic line. All the products are enriched with thermal water from the Euganean Thermal Springs, a unique resource in the world for its therapeutic properties and its value mineral.

Thermal5Colours® also contain microalgae ETS (Euganean Thermal Springs). These are exclusive micro-organisms of plant origin from the Euganean Thermal environment, which mature in mud irrigated by thermal water, and have characteristics and beneficial properties that make them unique, with exclusive active principles, and so certified and patented in Europe. The colours of the clays are natural, and for their implementation was not carried out any tests on animals. All the products were actually tested in vitro on human epithelial cells, and respond negatively on the skin irritation test and positively to test for tissue compatibility.

The coloured clay compounds Thermal5Colours® are made with natural extracts of microorganisms characterized by the uniqueness of Mud and Thermal Water of the Euganean Springs, and made even more precious by the flavours and aromas typical of the area, completely natural, to enhance the specificity of the products. Among these, the polyphenols of red wine grapes and extract of olives from the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills, both rich in agents that counteract the aging epithelial. In this way they create an effective mix of anti-radical properties, safe value anti-aging to our skin.
The antioxidant properties improve microcirculation and stimulate serotonin, Euganean sweetness wrap with a pleasant scent, for an extraordinary effect of complete well-being.

Thermal5Colours® is the wellness that takes colour.
Taste all the positive effect of these innovative treatments!


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